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5 Essentials for your B&B Website

With international travel set to increase by 35% by 2026, the accommodations industry has seen an increase in bed & breakfasts properties around the globe. Many people are of the opinion that operating a bed and breakfast is a fun and easy way to make some dollars. But, with the number of options available to the traveler, making money from your B&B is not as easy as it seems.

As the owner of a bed and breakfast in today’s world, you’ve probably heard it repeatedly that a website is required if you intend to make any impact in the industry. If you want to attract guests to your bed and breakfast, you have to find them where they are; online. When designing your website, the following are five of the most important things you should include:

1. Provide address and give directions to your bed and breakfast. If your customers cannot locate you, then you're already behind the 8 ball. It is of utmost importance to ensure that your customers can find you easily. Your contact details, including your physical address, should be prominently displayed in your website on every page if possible. This will serve to remind the customer of your location. Include information on how clients can get to your property via public transportation, airports and highways in the area. It is also important to include a map as this will make it easier for the client to visualize exactly where you are located and how much traveling they will have to do to get there.

2. Description of your property. With the variety of lodging options available to travelers, they have limited time to browse your website. Short and succinct descriptions are therefore necessary to provide them with as much information about your establishment within the shortest time. Describe the facilities you have to offer your guests such as rooms, gardens, patio, lounge, computers, wi-fi and other such information. You should also include information on the services you offer.   Your description is your opportunity to convince visitors to your website to choose your establishment over the multitude of others.  Say why your bed and breakfast is better than the others in the area.  Relate interesting stories such as notable people who have stayed there or how your establishment ties into the history of the area.  It is important to remember that your website is like a storefront so sell yourself as best as possible and include any interesting facts about your bed and breakfast that you think your visitors would find engaging.

3. Information about the local area. Bed & breakfast owners should always remember to include vital information about their surroundings. It would be a mistake not to.  Although it is important to give ample information about the accommodation, guests normally spend most of their time outside the gates of the establishment when visiting an area. You should include information on activities, attractions and events in the area as these may be what convinces the holiday seekers to plan a holiday in the area and choose to stay at your bed and breakfast. Keep this page up to date with events that happen locally throughout the year. You should also include some description of the culture and history of the area. Such information will make the reader want to visit the area.

4. Prices For most people planning a vacation or business trip, the cost of accommodation will be one of the first things they think about. You should therefore provide visitors to your website with a list of your fees and charges. You should also provide information on any special offers that you may have such as seasonal prices or early booking discounts.  These special offers or packages may just convince them to take up accommodation with you. It is imperative to have your prices transparent and simple so that the visitor can easily calculate how much it will cost them to stay with you. 

5. Photographs and videos Humans are visual beings. We’re attracted to beauty and eye-catching visuals which give us a better understanding of the message and what is behind it.  Photographs and videos explain your message easier, faster, and clearer than just a cluster of written words. This is probably one of the most important things to include in your website. Photos and videos give you the opportunity to show the viewer exactly what they will experience when they choose to stay with you. It is important that you don't use stock images but rather, authentic images that truly reflect the character of your bed and breakfast. Also, try to include photos of the neighbourhood, buildings, beaches and anything else that can impact your visitors' opinion. Remember to take advantage the unique details of your bed and breakfast and use them to sell your property to the viewers. You have a few short seconds to arouse their interest and engage them.

Employing these tips will poise your website to be the marketing tool you want it to be for your bed and breakfast.

Do you need a website for your B&B?  Let us help you.

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