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Do I Need a Website For My Business? Yes! Here Are 5 Reasons Why

People today spend increasing amounts of time daily in front of a screen, but some businesses are still without their own website. Social media has allowed many companies to have an online presence but has also made some think it’s not necessary to have their own websites. That’s simply not the case. Having a website allows you to do much more online that you could do without one. Below are the top five reasons your organization should invest in a professional website today.

1. It’s a platform you own and control.

Many people have created beautiful social media pages just to have the platform discontinue the features that allowed them to do it.  That can be very frustrating. Having your own website allows you to control your own destiny.  You are able to display your information to your users in whatever format and for however long you wish. When you have your own website, you’re not under anyone’s control as you make all the decisions. You're not restricted to video length or image dimensions.  You can also make it as simple or complex as you desire. The greatest thing about having your own website is that it belongs to YOU.

2. Have a wider customer base.

Having a website means you aren’t restricted to local customers.  The reason it's called the World-Wide Web is that you can reach persons anywhere in the world they may be. Even if all you have is a corner shop, a website puts you on a more level playing field with the big boys.  You can reach thousands of people who never would have otherwise known that your business existed. Having a website also gives your business an additional platform to sell goods or services.

3. Gives your business a professional look.

The internet is the first place that people go when they have questions that need to be answered. This is even more true for people who utilize services like Siri, Cortana, Google or Alexa Assistant. When someone searches for “the best pudding in Jamaica,” you want your information to show up. You might appear down the page at first, but with a professionally designed website with proper SEO, your website is sure to rise in the rankings.

4. Easily provide information.

If you want to get your information out to you customers quickly, a website is the way to do it. Even though you can post your latest updates on social media, your website is a hub for all the information any consumer may require about your business. Not everyone may be on social media or use the platform your business uses. But almost everyone can find a website if they have an Internet connection. Having a website is beneficial when your operating hours change, when you’re having a promotion or when launching a new product. With your own website, you are in a much better position to communicate with your mass audience of consumers.

5. Save money in the long term.

Many brands still use television, radio and print for their marketing efforts. However, developing a website and social media presence can reduce an organization's spend on traditional marketing costs. You might incur an initial start-up fee to design and launch a professional website, but having a website makes it easier in the long run to promote and advertise your business.

Are you looking to build a professional website? Contact QDS Jamaica today! We can create exactly the website your business needs to get on the map.

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