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How Much Does Website Hosting Cost?

Web hosting is a service that enables a website to be seen on the internet. Your hosting account is essentially the home for your website.  A hosting provider basically rents a portion of their physical servers so website owners can store their database and files.

Your choice of web hosting provider and hosting plan will determine the cost of web hosting. The prices discussed in this article are based on the prices available at QDS Web Host.

QDS Web Host offers three different types of cheap and affordable web hosting:

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the recommended option for small hobby websites to medium-sized websites like blogs, brochure websites and portfolios. With shared hosting, several clients host their websites on the same server and share the server's resources, such as RAM and CPU, between them.  This keeps costs at a minimum as dedicated resources are not required.  The varied shared hosting packages offered by QDS Web Host have different capacity for disk space, traffic, bandwidth, and email.

Shared web hosting is the go-to option for beginners with very little technical know how. It’s also the most affordable type of hosting service, with prices ranging from FREE – $5.00/month

VPS hosting 

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server.  VPS hosting is ideal for power users who want to manage their custom setup.  It's an excellent option for medium-sized websites especially those with extensive email requirements. VPS hosting gives websites dedicated resources within a shared server by partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers which gives the appearance and capacity of a real dedicated server.  It also offers website owners greater control over server settings.

VPS hosting plans typically cost between $10.00 – $40.00/month. Because it is self-managed, clients will be required to have some technical knowledge or a dedicated technical team.

Semi- Dedicated hosting

Suitable for high traffic websites that don’t mind spending more for increased performance. A semi-dedicated server is a physical server with dedicated resources that is shared between several sites.  While this sounds like shared hosting (technically it is), a semi-dedicated server will host only a few dozen customers while shared hosting servers which often accommodate over a thousand.

Semi-dedicated hosting costs range from $14.99$35.99/month. On average, it is cheaper that VPS hosting.

It is worth noting that the initial monthly price of a web hosting plan changes once the plan renews. 

Before making your final choice of hosting plan, it is necessary to factor in the cost with your overall budget and maintenance plan.


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