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How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

The cost to maintain your website will vary depending on its usage, ie. blog, e-commerce, video streaming etc, the size of your audience, and how much content is hosted. Primarily, your website maintenance costs will come from annual subscriptions or services. Using QDS Web Host as the basis for costs, we will explore the various costs below. 

Payment Gateways Available in Jamaica

For a long time, Jamaican businesses were held hostage by the lack of payment gateways available to facilitate e-commerce.  People have had to ask which payment gateway works in Jamaica.  However, in the past few years, that has changed drastically.  Here is the ultimate list of payment gateways available in Jamaica.

Do I Need a Website For My Business? Yes! Here Are 5 Reasons Why

People today spend increasing amounts of time daily in front of a screen, but some businesses are still without their own website. Social media has allowed many companies to have an online presence but has also made some think it’s not necessary to have their own websites. That’s simply not the case. Having a website allows you to do much more online that you could do without one. Below are the top five reasons your organization should invest in a professional website today.

QDS Web Host $1.99 Deal

As we fast approach 2022, QDS Web Host is making it easy for businesses and bloggers to get online with their most popular plan, the Jump Start shared hosting plan. The price of this plan is just USD$1.99 per month and is the perfect solution for hosting small and medium blogs or beginner dropshipping stores.

What Is a Brochure Website and Why They're Great For Your Business

The web is a priceless tool for advancing your business, and it's quite simple to use it to its maximum capacity. It's a great tool for expanding the reach of your business and making clients mindful of the goods and services you supply. One approach to utilize the web to make clients progressively mindful of your items is with a well-structured brochure site.

What precisely is a brochure site, and how might you get one for your business?